Delivery & Returns

Delivery Costs


Delivery Costs

UK mainland Delivery and Shipping Costs:

Shipping is generally £7.25 per order. However  N.I, I.O.M the Scottish Highlands and Isles are usually among destinations that could generate extra shipping charge. Air guns will not be shipped direct to buyer and must always be collected in person or shipped to your local RFD holder, at a cost of £22.00 for shipping, likewise your local RFD holder will charge upto £25.00 for his / her service: please email or phone for further details

Shipping agents are a well known countrywide Courier and occasionally the post office. Some local orders may be delivered by Kitt Pongo and the Hogman staff

Returns Policy

Surplus / Used Goods
British Army Surplus and Continental Military goods, though often un-issued, should always be considered as used therefore I cannot offer a warranty on any expected lifespan of such goods.. However every effort is made to ensure each article shipped is in good or better condition; every order is double checked prior to delivery for damage. For this reason I do not generally offer a return and refund package on any surplus goods un-issued or not, this also applies to any pre owned airguns valued at less than £150.00

New Goods
Please be aware that occasionally goods may differ slightly as to that described or as shown on photo, this may be due to changes to some goods at manufacture that is beyond my control.  I do try to ensure that an accurate description is offered however sometimes a change happens without my attention being drawn to it. If you do have a problem with description please contact me within 24 hours of delivery and do not use goods; failure to follow this advice may result in no exchange or refund being offered
Damaged New Goods 
Must be reported to the Kitt Pongo & the Hogman Sales Team within 48 hours of receiving delivery returned goods should be packaged and returned to the address shown on the contact page of this website; a refund and postal costs, if applicable, will be refunded once goods have reached me and have been examined; any goods altered in anyway will not receive a refund, likewise I offer no warranty or refunds on goods that are damaged in a deliberate manner or on goods that are damaged by undue care, if this is found to be the case  goods (damaged) will be returned once shipping costs have been met.
Other Info
Surplus Goods can differ slightly from the photo or description and whereas I try hard to ensure that goods are as described I do not offer a return policy for this slight variation
Likewise I can only take your order measurements as correct and cannot be held responsible for your ordering of wrong sizes therefore I do not offer a refund policy for goods ordered to your incorrect order sizes

Welcome to Kitt Pongo & The Hogman: Darlington Airgun Store

Welcome to Kitt Pongo & The Hogman: Darlington Airgun Store
We offer an extensive range of hunting clothing, footwear, shooting equipment and
high-quality airguns. Our competitive prices, quality of supplies and expert staff make us
the number one choice in Darlington for all your airgun and hunting needs.
Explore our wide variety of new airguns that come with a manufacturer's comprehensive
warranty of up to 3 years (depending on the gun). Many of our pre-owned airguns have
a 30 day warranty unless otherwise stated or arranged.
Our two-story store boasts an upper-showroom of additional army surplus, mostly
continental, catering to hunters who prefer military apparel. With more floor space than
any other gun dealer in Darlington and thousands of items to choose from, Kitt Pongo &
The Hogman is your one-stop shop for all things hunting.
Have some questions? Call in to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members
with no commitment to buy. We are open five days a week from 10am to 5pm Tuesday
to Saturday (closed Sunday / Monday).
Alternatively, give us a call on 013325 355366.
We offer:
Friendly, expertised staff
Four extensive showrooms
Wide range of high-quality hunting equipment and accessories
A tardis of an airgun shop with over 150 airguns (both new and used)
Top hunting clothing brands such as Ridgeline, Highlander, Jack Pyke and more
Children’s hunting and military clothing
PCP charging bottles filled from £5
PCP airguns filled from £3
Only a short 90 second walk from Darlington town centre
Rear parking (free 2 hour roadside parking, a 20 minute loading bay and a ticketed
Darlington council car park)