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Clulite Sneakybeam Illuminator


The Clulite Sneakybeam Infra Red Gun Light is a perfect accessory to your night vision equipment. This will give a comfortable 250m shooting distance. Duration 2-3 hours high / 10 hours low beam. ‘Clulite’ takes its name from the original orange square torch, designed and manufactured by Cluson over 40 years ago. Recognised strongly within the farming fraternity, some of these lamps remain in use today and can amazingly still be serviced. This very fact marks high for British manufacturing and has earned Cluson much respect within the industry.

All products are manufactured to an extremely high standard of specification in Cluson’s own factory giving independence and flexibility to provide a ‘Clulite’ customer care and back-up service that is second to none. So, if you are looking for a torch, for any purpose, look no further, with a Clulite they guarantee you an excellent product.


Full Details




  1.  840 Nanometers - 250m shooting distance
  2.  Lightweight 280g with battery torch & gun mount
  3.  Rechargeable li-ion battery (B21)
  4.  Duration 2-3 hours on high & 10 hours on low
  5.  Universal gun mounting kit 25/30mm
  6.  Mains charger remote & push button switch & wrist strap included