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Zippo Heatbank Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Zippo Heatbank 6-Hour Rechargeable Hand Warmer & Power Bank

These ergonomically designed rechargeable furnaces give you up to 6 hours of continuous heat with the push of a button. Plus, the internal power bank feature charges USB compatible devices, so you can stay connected while enjoying the outdoors.


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  1. Round, sleek design
  2. Up to 6 hour run time
  3. 5,200 MaH Lithium-ion battery (included)
  4. Up to 50°C (120°F) operating temperature
  5. Battery and heat indicator lights
  6. Auto charging feature
  7. Dual sided heat
  8. Continuous gentle warmth
  9. Five heat settings
  10. 5V1.5A micro USB port > power in
  11. 5V1.5A USB port > charge out
  12. Charging cable included
  13. Green or Silver